Edwardian Flat Remodel - LOCZIdesign 2012

White After Labor Day Is A-OK

Let’s break down the the “No white after labor day” rule with cozy and creamy shades of white to adorn your home in an elegant and modern fashion! But first, a quick lesson: Historically, the rule only applied to white dress shoes and high heels. In the 50s and 60s, the middle class extrapolated this rule to include other clothing, linens and other areas of soft furnishings. This week, we’re feeling inspired by this rule and wanted to showcase some of the creamy and lovely white interiors from our remodeling portfolio and Pinterest boards.

Some believe it was practical advise, since white clothing would be tough to keep clean in the winter. Others say that white clothing was typical dress for members of high society during summer holidays and was too casual for getting back to serious business when summer had finished. In the 1950s, the middle class was growing and they were given simplified rules of high society to help them fit in, including the rule about white after labor day.

Beginning somewhere around the 1880′s, wearing white and creams in the summer was a way to stay cool. In a time when air-conditioning, daisy dukes and crop tops did not exists, people wore formal attire and chose these colors since they wore more layers and

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traditionally heavier fabrics. This also translated to the home during these months as lighter fabrics in both weight and color adorned their homes.

Some historians believed that the rule was symbolic and found that the majority of well-off Americans had summer homes and frequent holiday. It was also common that during the summer months spent away from the city bustle, most wealthy people wore linen suits and panama hats to symbolize leisure and flaunt status.

Times have changed and

so have our tastes in decor, social structures and fashion. Today we use touches of white to give contrast to our sometimes bright accent pillows or stunning collected art pieces. Others like to decorate their entire home in white to give a sense of calm and modern futuristic flare. Do you decorate white in your home? Send your photos our way—we’d love to share them!


Jacob Panels Each panel: 10" x 10" x 1" , industrial wool felt, wood panel

Artist in Residence Series with Meghan Urback

WOOL IS STRONG. It is often said that a single wool fiber is stronger than steel of the same diameter. Wool happens to be the material Meghan Urback uses to create pieces of texture, warmth, and art. Her work has been displayed around the world: from Malaysia and Sweden, to Baltimore and Oakland. Read more.

Druida grill by Mermeladaestudio

5 More Ways to Enjoy the Summer

The summer solstice, which falls on June 21, marks the onset of summer and is the longest day of the year. It is celebrated as Tiregān in Iran, Kupala Night in Ukraine and in San Francisco you can even sip California wines, nibble local cheeses, and troll through the 100-year old Redwood grove on a guided tour in observance.

As interior designers we also see it as a time to enjoy the season with friends and family, while encouraging our community to make the most of their outdoor dwellings through gardening or updated exterior spaced. Read more.

Female Vocal still shot from video; image courtesy of CymaScope

Seeing Sound Through Cymatics

Cymatics is the study of sound made visible, the word deriving from the Greek ‘kyma’, meaning ‘wave’. It is an emergent science that is utterly fascinating and exciting, involving water being imprinted by sound, as if by magic, into beautiful patterns and forms. Once seen, it is never forgotten. Read more.

verticle-vignette-seed of life installation; LOCZIdesign

Seed of Life: LOCZIdesign Designs for San Francisco Exploratorium

When asked to design a lounge for the re-opening of the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Opening Gala, we were ecstatic! We saw it as an opportunity to collaborate with esteemed designers while visually expressing the same intention that we use in our unique design practice.

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