Tahiti Pehrson's "Money Pyramid" Image courtesy of Tahiti Pehrson

Artist In Residence Series with Tahiti Pehrson

Tahiti is the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia. It is also the name of an artist who uses number 11 blades to create cut-out kaleidoscope works of magic. He has been doing so for nearly 15 years. We had the chance to chat with Tahiti Pehrson about his work and how he was born to be an artist.

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Fashion Interior Gold Featuring LOCZIdesign Recent Remodel

2013 Interior Design and Runway Trends in Perfect Harmony

Let’s face it, we love fashion. We love it for the horror, for the outrageous cutting edge designs, and we especially love it for the individuality that finds itself on the streets of cities like San Francisco, Brooklyn, Paris, and Johannesburg! It can be said that Interior design is where fashion meets the home. And though our approach extends from an environmentally efficient background, we do not shy away from the style that emerges from our clients, and the fashionably innovative designers in our firm. Read more.

BBC Chair in Black, By: Phase Design; Courtesy of The NWBLK

Current Crush — The NWBLK

Valentine’s Day might be more than two and a half weeks away, but it’s never too soon to gush about whom we fancy. Please allow us to introduce you to our new crush—The NWBLK (that is, the new black). Would you care to know why we’re crushing? Mainly it’s because this multipurpose entity houses furniture designers, creatives, and a New Year’s Eve bash you’d tell your grandchildren about. But just to be clear, The NWBLK isn’t merely a design cooperative. Read more.

Crown Molding High Heel Storage Image courtesy of Homeroom Studios and Clients

5 Easy Tips to Start Organizing for 2013!

We made it almost half way through the forgiving month of January.  Now that we’ve had the time to relish the holidays and a brand new year, let us begin setting goals and strategizing peaceful order into our lives and dwellings!  Below are 5 easy tips and savvy tricks to help you face the daunting task of organizing your home. Read more.

"Pink,  2007 watercolor 7x9, Courtesy of Gina Borg

Artist in Residence: Gina Borg, Artist and Painter

“Mostly what I want to create is something very interesting for eyeballs, it’s more visual than anything—a visual experience.”

Gina Borg’s work is included in numerous private collections as well as the collection of the Alameda County Arts Commission. Born in Sacramento, California, Borg attended the MFA program in painting at Boston University and received her BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Last night we had a pleasant early evening chat on the phone while she took a break from packing for a cross-town move. Read more.

LOCZIdesign Remodel Finalist in California Home & Design Room of the Year Reader's Choice Awards

Another Reason to Celebrate: LOCZIdesign in CH+D Room of the Year Reader’s Choice Award!

Out of the 80 spaces selected, LOCZIdesign has been chosen in the top 10 FINAL voting round for the California Home & Design Room of the Year reader’s choice award! The winning designer will be featured in the CH+D February issue and honored at their Awards Gala.

Sure, we’ll take credit for the remodel, but the only reason why we made it this far is because of your support!   Read more.

LOCZI holiday gift guide

Last-Minute Gift Guide for Interior Design Lovers

The beauty of the holiday season is that late gifts are as welcomed—if not more so—than the ones you get on time.  So if you see something here that you want to grab for that special person who loves to adorn their home with beautiful things, don’t feel bad about it being last-minute. They’ll love you just the same. Read more.

City of Joy graduation photos courtesy of Paula Allen and City of Joy

LOCZI Holiday (non-profit) Giving Guide

It’s that time of the year again—as if you hadn’t noticed—the time to give.  More than just monetary donations, our offerings and commitments to individuals in need surpass the holiday season. This notion goes hand-in-hand with the cycle of abundance that LOCZIdesign has inherited in our internal philosophy. Read more.

Amazing Art Radiators by Caleido

5 Ways to Winter Ready Your California Casa

Winter is coming! And though we live in the balmy-weathered Bay Area, it behooves us to prepare for the rainy, windy, cold (and sometimes super nice) months ahead.  Keeping cool air out and warm air in not only maximizes the level of coziness, but also is sustainable for the environment and your budget alike. Most changes can be made quite easily. Preparing now will result in more time to lay back, relax and enjoy your cozy winter abode. Read more.