verticle-vignette-seed of life installation; LOCZIdesign

Seed of Life: LOCZIdesign Designs for San Francisco Exploratorium

When asked to design a lounge for the re-opening of the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Opening Gala, we were ecstatic! We saw it as an opportunity to collaborate with esteemed designers while visually expressing the same intention that we use in our unique design practice.

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Crafting with Wiggle Decoupage DIY with Paige Loczi

Crafting with Wiggles: DIY Decoupage Wall Tutorial

Greetings friends.  My family and I recently purchased a new house and we’re slowly making it our own, one room at a time.  To set the stage, our home is a 1930′s cottage nestled amidst the trees of Glen park.  With exposed douglas fir beams, wide plank floors and big windows that overlook the canyon, it’s magical.  Spaces unfold overtime and this home is no exception.   Read more.

DIY chuky knit lounge chair; photo taken by Mennlay

DIY Chunky Knit Lounge Chair

This DIY project is merely a tutorial on how I winterized a perfectly swoon-worthy vintage mod chair. This winterizing, if you will, seemed like the perfect solution to creating a cozier corner nook in my teeny Brooklyn flat. The winter here has been a fickle mix of harsh winds, snow, rain, hail, and sunshine—sometimes all in one day. It is COLD, and I have to admit that often times the NY winter weather triggers fond memories of frolicking in the San Francisco Indian summer month of February… Read more.

Tahiti Pehrson's "Money Pyramid" Image courtesy of Tahiti Pehrson

Artist In Residence Series with Tahiti Pehrson

Tahiti is the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia. It is also the name of an artist who uses number 11 blades to create cut-out kaleidoscope works of magic. He has been doing so for nearly 15 years. We had the chance to chat with Tahiti Pehrson about his work and how he was born to be an artist.

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Fashion Interior Gold Featuring LOCZIdesign Recent Remodel

2013 Interior Design and Runway Trends in Perfect Harmony

Let’s face it, we love fashion. We love it for the horror, for the outrageous cutting edge designs, and we especially love it for the individuality that finds itself on the streets of cities like San Francisco, Brooklyn, Paris, and Johannesburg! It can be said that Interior design is where fashion meets the home. And though our approach extends from an environmentally efficient background, we do not shy away from the style that emerges from our clients, and the fashionably innovative designers in our firm. Read more.

BBC Chair in Black, By: Phase Design; Courtesy of The NWBLK

Current Crush — The NWBLK

Valentine’s Day might be more than two and a half weeks away, but it’s never too soon to gush about whom we fancy. Please allow us to introduce you to our new crush—The NWBLK (that is, the new black). Would you care to know why we’re crushing? Mainly it’s because this multipurpose entity houses furniture designers, creatives, and a New Year’s Eve bash you’d tell your grandchildren about. But just to be clear, The NWBLK isn’t merely a design cooperative. Read more.