Mi Hyeon Yoo, Jessica M.H Yoo — Meem Designs

Artist in Residence with Jessica Yoo of Design Meem

Little may know that Korea possesses a long history of quilting. Jogakbo, or Korean patchwork, dates back to about 200 years and is a custom that comes very naturally. The silhouette of hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) is curved, like the rounded sleeves, there were always pieces of fabric left. Naturally, women made use of them but now you can find Korean patchwork in all forms; from blankets to clothing and bojagi art (multipurpose square cloth). Read more.

Kelly Behun Studio, PRINT ALL OVER ME, and USA-OK Industries

Eyes Wide Open at Sight Unseen OFFSITE!

New York Design Week was a whirlwind of design adventure, one highlight was the neon post-modern utopia of Sight Unseen OFFSITE! Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer of the website Sight Unseen also co-founded this show in conjunction with NYCxDesign and ICFF. It enchantingly combined the works of independent design studios alongside those from established, forward-thinking brands, creating a small but well curated venue for industry professionals and design enthusiasts. Read more.

DIY Turotial: Staghorn Fern Mount - LOCZIdesign

Sustainable Sundays: DIY Staghorn Fern Plaque

It’s Sunday, the perfect day for a DIY project, right? (it’s okay if you want to chill instead) We thought mounting a stagforn fern was a fun twist on mounting the horns or head of an actual animal. Yikes! Allow us to show you why the staghorn fern is perfect for just that. Read more.

Edwardian Flat Remodel - LOCZIdesign 2012

White After Labor Day Is Ok

“No white after labor day.” You may have heard this rule from your mother, grandmother, or another classic and classy woman in your life. The no-white-after-labor-day rule has been heavily ingrained into the American culture, and in addition bled into the interior design world for decades. Read more.

Organic Modernism vingette; Paige Loczi and (              ); images courtesy of Madga Loczi

Dwell on Design with Guest Blogger Magda Loczi!

Catrina and Paige at Dwell on Design; photos courtesy of Magda Loczi

Another talented powerhouse from the Loczi family, Magda Loczi, highlights the show-stoppers from Paige, Catrina and Hanna’s jaunt to this year’s Dwell on Design! Read more.