designedCOLLECTIVE and LOCZIdesign present: Architexture // Elements In Form & Transformation

We’re still basking in the glory of our sixth annual designedCOLLECTIVE event opening and after-party. It was an honor to share the beautiful and powerful art of Gus Harper, Sedonya Kay Sculpture, and Rye Hudak. Special thanks to Ryan Stubbs and DJ Loczi for creating the soud-scape and Pat Bailey for providing the spirits. A.J. Lovewins, thank you for letting us shine a light on Harmonic Humanity!

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designedCOLLECTIVE is a group of talented: interior designers, architects, furniture makers, industrial designers, landscape architects, contractors, musicians, painters and activists — deeply skillful, motivated and evolved people doing good work. We hold an annual designedCOLLECTIVE gathering to celebrate artistry, craftsmanship and people.

The purpose of LOCZIdesign’s annual salon-style series is to educate and engage design professionals in a relaxed setting. With a focus on learning through conversation, professional associations and friendships are encouraged and a lively environment is created, one that includes food, wine and entertainment from local sponsors.  Click on the following highlighted texts to review last year’s eventhighlights of our previous events, photos and more information about the collective!

EBB: Opening Reception | HOLIDAY Soiree 

On behalf of designedCOLLECTIVE, LOCZIdesign and CULT / Aimee Friberg Exhibitions, presented EBB: a two-person show featuring the art of Gina Borg and Christopher Russell at LOCZIdesign studios this past winter.

Both Borg and Russell’s works reference energetic currents at play in the natural world. Borg uses incremental shifts of warm and cool tones with vibrant hues that radiate and shift on the canvas, creating patterns of perpetual movement. The warm buttery light of Russell’s landscapes is often fused with geometric shapes and candy colors, simultaneously abstracting and highlighting subtler forces at play. Read their full interview, here.

LOCZIdesign studio debut | FADE TO WHITE

On October 24th, 2013 we opened the doors to our new LOCZIdesign studios while showcasing the stunning works of Los Angeles-based painter Gus Harper. Our new studio will host ongoing salon-style events showcasing exquisite decor and design of all kinds. Hosted by designedCOLLECTIVE, Fade to White was curated to enlivening the conversation between the interior design world, art world, and held as a tribute to our beloved friend and designedCOLLECTIVE contributor, Jacqueline Stolte.

As designers, we are often creating from nothing and aspiring to infuse spaces with hope while fulfilling anther’s dream. As such, we thought it fitting to launch our studio inspired by Gus and his work. There will be closing reception on November 21st so please keep in touch by subscribing to our blog for more event and design news!

designedCOLLECTIVE Meets Exploratorium

Seed of Life, a designedCOLLECTIVE installation (above), was featured at the Exploratorium Opening Gala on April 12, 2013 one of the highlighted interior design vignettes tied into the evening’s theme, “Now this is where things get interesting.” Our lounge poetically “took root” in the heart of two halves of a majestic 330-year-old Douglas Fir tree, surrounded by a section of its trunk and gigantic root system. The Douglas Fir “Tree Experience” is also a part of the installation at the Exploratorium placed in a 8,000-square foot space that will focus on the life sciences. (see press release)

History of Events

Below is a video recapping last year’s event including an into to the discussion panel on Designing a Better World. Enjoy!