“The team at LOCZIdesign is exceptional. They were considerate of my time, attentive to every tiny detail, flexible with my ever-changing requirements and, of course, wonderful design professionals with fresh ideas. Before working with Paige and team, my home was functional but boring. Several rooms were completely empty and unused. Worst of all, my vision for what I wanted it to be was totally unclear.

Paige patiently guided me through the process and continually presented ideas until we found a design direction that resonated.

In addition, Paige challenged me to consider pieces that I would have previously dismissed outright. For example, I have never considered myself a ‘rug’ person and was reluctant to spend very much of my budget on rugs. The two rugs that she urged me to consider are now some of my favorite pieces in the house! From the distinctive wallpaper to the one-of-a-kind coffee table, daybed, and bedside lamps, I feel that my home is truly a unique place and is reflective of my personal style but even so much better!”

Finally, the whole process was seamless despite the fact that I was not an easy client – I had a hard time visualizing things, changed my mind too much, and was often difficult to get a hold of for days at a time. The LOCZIdesign team never missed a beat. Throughout the entire process, I was constantly impressed by the high level of energy and professionalism demonstrated by the entire team. They project managed everything seamlessly from furniture deliveries to painting to minor construction projects. I would always return home at night to a clean home no matter what work crew had been there that day. I felt completely comfortable trusting my home to the team.

Every person that walks into my house now falls in love immediately. They always walk out with Paige’s contact information in hand! I absolutely would recommend LOCZIdesign to everyone I know.”



“I have worked with loads of designers. Lots of them are great, professional … But let’s be honest … many think that they just need to point and click and throw a few colors together … Paige is different … She is resourceful, clever and willing to work. I mean really WORK. Paige worked with a friend of mine. Designed and delivered an eclectic environment that was superb … Wonderful colors, great artistry, and imagination. It was also a great surprise to see her finish the job on-schedule even though I know several little things popped up unexpectedly, and could have easily side-tracked her … Not to be undone, she somehow found quality people at the very last minute to help her meet her deadline … That was no small feat!”



“I hired LOCZIdesign (Paige + crew) to transfer my apartment where I use to “eat + sleep” into a home where I could entertain guests, find tranquility and perhaps love (see below review from Rachel. I am the boyfriend, now fiancé in question).

LOCZIdesign exceeded all expectations. Paige somehow manages to balance fierce creativity and artistic vision with consummate professionalism and flawless project management. Simply put: SHE IS GIFTED.

She managed to transform my entire place in 6-7 weeks (everything from painting the rooms and buying new furniture to finding the perfect little containers to organize my socks). Throughout the whole process she and her team were efficient, friendly, straightforward, hard working and darn-right inspiring.

Her willingness to search far and wide to find the perfect elements made all the difference. I now have the most amazing Brutalist-inspired coffee table (thank you craig’s list and Paige for your exhaustive searching) and a mirror framed by an 80-pound wooden Moroccan gate. How she found this, I’ll never know.

Perhaps the strong endorsement I can make is that I have recommended LOCZIdesign to my close friends (who in turn have worked with her and recommended to their close friends).

Thank you Paige for my wonderful home!”



“I first had to opportunity to meet Paige while attending the Sustainable Design program at UC Berkeley. Later, I became aware of her work in the industry and found it to be exceptional for reasons beyond color choices and styles.

As a Builder/Project Manager, I have built over 200 custom homes and worked on millions of square feet of commercial space in my career. In that time, I have collaborated with many professionals in the industry and Paige brings an amazing range and innate talent that so few have. Her ability to guide the client and master the building/design process is an valuable asset to any project. Moreover, she not only provides practical and beautiful design solutions, but goes deeper to look at how the client lives, how they will live in the future, and what is are the best sensory experiences her design can provide. She is definitely not a cookie-cutter, “showroom” designer. Using unique objects and careful consideration, her work reflects a sophisticated palette. If I had to give two words to describe her designs – Nurturing and Thoughtful.”



“I love my library. Love it. Love it. Paige is creative, meticulous, and a joy to work with. My favorite part about Paige? How respectful she was of my taste and aesthetic, even when it didn’t mesh with hers. She understood that this space was for me, and my family. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know.”



“We are extremely happy with the job Paige did on our interior design. We started the process knowing that we wanted a major overall of our home’s look and feel, but not knowing what kind of design we wanted. Paige created collages of design elements, textures, and colors to help us zero in on a look. It was a great discovery process — we learned a lot about design and about our own tastes. The whole process was fun and educational. The design we ended up with is our own, but we couldn’t have arrived there without Paige’s guidance.

Paige is amazing with colors. She custom-mixed colors for our living room, kitchen, hallway, and home office.

Paige and her assistants do an outstanding job finding one-of-a-kind pieces. Our design juxtaposes modern and rustic elements. They found unique pieces from our local Antique Mart for the rustic pieces, including some great vintage light fixtures and a gnarled wooden coffee table. Going even further, when we couldn’t find a kitchen table we liked, Paige arranged to have one built from an antique base and a custom-welded frame!

The results are fantastic — literally everyone comes into our home loves the design. So I recommend Paige and LOCZIdesign completely. You will end up with an outstanding design and will enjoy the process!”



I was in love with my boyfriend’s apartment before I fell in love with him, thanks to Paige Loczi.

I had seen her magical re-design via photos, in which she took his average bachelor pad and turned it into a beautifully designed home. Inspired by the colors of his hanging artwork, she painted his walls blue grays and warm hues of cappuccino and chocolate. The ceiling in the hallway is striped, for goodness sakes! His (now our) bedroom is straight out of a magazine, a perfect composition in its colors, furniture and sheer quirkiness. the bathroom features hanging 1930′s locker metal storage bins and an old ladder. Where does she find everything? I want to shop with her.

apparently Paige designed, painted, bought furniture for, and redid the apartment in seven weeks! whaaa? not only is she pure talent, but she’s speedy too. And did I mention the details? Paige never ceases to amaze me. She intuitively navigates her canvas as an artist and designer, and she is an effervescent ball of joy to boot!

After we started dating, Paige confided that she designed my boyfriend’s apartment to help him attract his partner-in-crime. All I can say is yay for me!”



“Paige was a neighbor of mine and I had the opportunity of viewing her interior design skills first hand. Her flat consisted of 4 bedrooms, a combination kitchen, dining room, living room set up. It was like walking into a showroom – she has a natural talent that I am glad to see her working in this field. She is not only a fabulous interior designer, but by the end of your collaboration will become a friend.

If log on to her website you will notice that most of the before photos are how we non vision people live, then her after photos just blow you away.”


“I had never used a designer before hiring LOCZIdesign. I wanted my 1920s San Francisco apartment to be classy, I’d never really had a “grown up” place before. My spaces where usually functional not decorative. I wanted a sanctuary. Paige was able to guide me through my less than developed vision. Her ability to ask what I valued in life translated into physical space and items. She coached me through shopping sessions. I own 2 gorgeous chairs I never would have bought, but now love. She pushed my boundaries so my space is still classy but not boring, no white walls! I’m a big kid now! My mom came to visit with her friend and they called me to tell me how fancy and special my place was. Paige is not just a designer, she’s a counselor and vision guide. The other people who assisted her were also fabulous.”



“The result was much better than we dared to hope for — this is now our dream home! All our friends keep commenting how our home looks like it belongs in a design magazine! I still wonder every week how beautiful our home is…Paige and her team did an incredible job. Paige and her team went far beyond my wildest expectations — they really made our home into something special.”