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Sustainable Sundays: DIY Staghorn Fern Plaque

It’s Sunday, the perfect day for a DIY project, right? (it’s okay if you want to chill instead) We thought mounting a stagforn fern was a fun twist on mounting the horns or head of an actual animal. Yikes! Allow us to show you why the staghorn fern is perfect for just that. Read more.

Mary Wallis Collage 2

In the Studio with the Talented Mary Wallis


Recently featured in Vogue‘s Heirlooms of Tomorrow: Ten Contemporary Designers to Collect Today, Australian-born Mary Wallis’ interpretation of lighting design comes from a diverse background in genetics, traditional Chinese painting, and manifesting one’s path. Read more.

Edwardian Flat Remodel - LOCZIdesign 2012

White After Labor Day Is Ok

“No white after labor day.” You may have heard this rule from your mother, grandmother, or another classic and classy woman in your life. The no-white-after-labor-day rule has been heavily ingrained into the American culture, and in addition bled into the interior design world for decades. Read more.

Jacob Panels Each panel: 10" x 10" x 1" , industrial wool felt, wood panel

Artist in Residence Series with Meghan Urback

WOOL IS STRONG. It is often said that a single wool fiber is stronger than steel of the same diameter. Wool happens to be the material Meghan Urback uses to create pieces of texture, warmth, and art. Her work has been displayed around the world: from Malaysia and Sweden, to Baltimore and Oakland. Read more.