LOCZIdesign Dwell Feature — San Francisco

LOCZIdesign featured on Dwell!

This project is about as San Francisco as it gets, so naturally we were thrilled to have it featured on Dwell! The residence is located on the iconic Haight Street in the old Theater Loft building. The Theatre Lofts were adapted into lofts by architect George Hauser back in 2001. Before going condo, the building was a movie palace built in 1926, and the exterior still looks more commercial than residential. Read more.

Matt and George's Castro Flat; Bespoke Dining Area — LOCZIdesign

Your Table of Abundance

Despite what the mainstream media may be telling us, abundance and light is all around us. With the holiday in full swing, no matter what you’re celebrating, the dining area will be the nucleus of your home. We are so thankful for our clients and the community around us — allow us to show you some of our favorite LOCZIdesign remodeled dining areas. Read more.

Margo Nathanson of UtopiaDryGood wearing 36' Tassel in yellow

Artist in Residence: Margo Nathanson Introduces Her New Line UtopiaDryGoods

LOCZIdesign’s longtime designer, Margo Nathanson has recently debuted her full line of jewelry and accessories as UtopiaDryGoods. Her jewelry has adorned many of us at the studio for months, so we spent one afternoon taking a peek inside her intimate thoughts on art, creativity, and the world she surrounds herself in. We are proud to feature Margo in our Artist In Residence series. Read more.

Baby Kate smiling — More Than Me

A Ray of Hope in the Fight Against Ebola

“Being a bystander to suffering is not an option.” Those are the words of Katie Meyler, founder of More Than Me and a member of our designedCOLLECTIVE community. For the past nine years, she has been in Liberia providing education and opportunity to the most vulnerable girls in the slums of West Point in Monrovia, and is now channeling her undying spark to fighting against the spread of Ebola. Read more.

designerSpotlight Paige Loczi LOCZIdesign Fireclay Tile

REPOST: Fireclay Tile’s Designer Spotlight with Paige Loczi!

“Here at Fireclay we are lucky enough to work with some very talented designers and architects.  In celebration of their work and the partnerships we’ve created, we have developed a series of Designer Spotlights to highlight these creative individuals and share the inspiration behind their designs.  First up is Paige Loczi of LOCZIdesign.  Paige has been a long time supporter of Fireclay Tile and has used our product in a variety of projects, including this California Home and Design award winning kitchen in San Francisco.”  Read more.


What We Can Learn from Napa’s 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake

California’s wine country is already bouncing back from the 6.0 magnitude earthquake — the strongest in 25 years. Some businesses are opening their doors after a quake that ignited gas-fed fires, damaging some of the region’s famed wineries and historic buildings. This week LOCZIdesign is taking a look at some innovative and stylish buildings that take earthquake proofing to the next level. Read more.

Mi Hyeon Yoo, Jessica M.H Yoo — Meem Designs

Artist in Residence with Jessica Yoo of Design Meem

Little may know that Korea possesses a long history of quilting. Jogakbo, or Korean patchwork, dates back to about 200 years and is a custom that comes very naturally. The silhouette of hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) is curved, like the rounded sleeves, there were always pieces of fabric left. Naturally, women made use of them but now you can find Korean patchwork in all forms; from blankets to clothing and bojagi art (multipurpose square cloth). Read more.

Kelly Behun Studio, PRINT ALL OVER ME, and USA-OK Industries

Eyes Wide Open at Sight Unseen OFFSITE!

New York Design Week was a whirlwind of design adventure, one highlight was the neon post-modern utopia of Sight Unseen OFFSITE! Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer of the website Sight Unseen also co-founded this show in conjunction with NYCxDesign and ICFF. It enchantingly combined the works of independent design studios alongside those from established, forward-thinking brands, creating a small but well curated venue for industry professionals and design enthusiasts. Read more.

LOCZIdesign - Tips for Anti Spring Cleaning

6 Tips for Anti Spring Cleaning

Let’s be real. Every year we dread the daunting task of spring cleaning. So this year, I turned to Paige Loczi for a few of her go-to tips on cleaning your home for spring in an untraditional, yet rejuvenating way.

Read more.